Business Loan for Coffee Shops & Cafés

Borrow £1,000 – £500,000 for 1 day to 2 years with our flexible business loans.

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What Can We Offer You?

Our Coffee Shop Funding Solution

Searching for funding for your coffee shop or café? If you’ve been turned away by the banks in the past, or their strict terms have put you off from applying, we have a great alternative funding solution that can be tailored specifically to meet your café’s needs.

With a Business Loan you can borrow anywhere between £1,000 – £500,000 in unsecured business funding and repay at a pace that suits your business. Simply pay back using a small, affordable percentage of your monthly card sales and pay no interest on the amount borrowed.

Our quick and cost-effective coffee shop funding solution.

With our business loan you can:

  • Purchase or repair specialist coffee making equipment
  • Invest in further training for your baristas
  • Pay for additional marketing and promotional business materials
  • Expand or renovate your premises
  • Bulk buy stock or branded merchandise
  • Bridge general short-term cash-flow problems

What is a Business Loan for Cafes?

A cafe business loan is a specialised form of small business financing aimed at assisting entrepreneurs to start, expand, or purchase existing cafe businesses. Options include unsecured and secured business loans, merchant cash advances, and equipment financing, providing flexibility for various business needs.

How Cafe Business Loans Work

Business loans for cafes are typically repaid in monthly instalments with interest. The terms and repayment amounts vary based on the type of loan and the repayment period. Lenders conduct credit checks to ensure responsible lending. Given startup costs for cafes range from £20,000 to £100,000, a business loan can be crucial for financing.

Types of Business Loans for Cafes

Unsecured Business Loans

Unsecured loans offer a quick, straightforward application process without the need for collateral. They are ideal for immediate needs like hiring staff or renovating a cafe.

Secured Business Loans

For larger amounts and more favourable interest rates, secured loans are an option. These require a high-value asset as collateral and are repaid over an agreed period.

Invoice Finance

This option assists cafes in managing cash flow by providing immediate funds based on unpaid invoices, useful for businesses with longer payment terms.

Merchant Cash Advance

Cafes that accept card payments can opt for this flexible financing method. Repayments are a percentage of monthly card sales, making it suitable for businesses with fluctuating income.

Evaluating Your Need for a Cafe Business Loan

The necessity of a loan depends on your capital availability. With the UK’s coffee consumption increasing, and 80% of people visiting coffee shops at least once a week, a business loan can keep a cafe competitive and profitable.

Alternative Financing Options

Friends and Family Loans

Borrowing from personal contacts can offer favourable terms, sometimes even interest-free.

Angel Investment or Venture Capital

These options don’t require repayment but typically involve giving up an ownership stake in your business.


A practical way to raise funds publicly, though it can be time-consuming.

Business Grants

Competitive and challenging to obtain, these grants don’t require repayment but often have stringent eligibility criteria.

Bad Credit and Cafe Loans

Even with bad credit, cafe owners have loan options. Alternative lenders consider a range of factors beyond credit history, though improving credit is beneficial for future financing opportunities.

Eligibility and Application for Cafe Loans

Eligibility varies by loan type but typically includes being a UK-registered business, over 18, and having traded for at least three months. The application process is straightforward, usually beginning with an online form.

Why Choose For Kredit for Your Cafe Loan?

For Kredit acts as a broker, aiding businesses to navigate the complex finance landscape. They offer a free loan comparison service and have a track record of assisting small businesses in securing suitable funding.

Making An Application:

You can apply for a cash advance simply by completing a short, 1-2 page online form. There is no need to provide a business plan or fill out any extensive paperwork.

Getting A Decision:

It is much easier to qualify for a cash advance than it is a bank loan. All that’s asked of you is that:

  • Your coffee shop has been up and running for a minimum period of 6 months
  • Your business generates a monthly average of £10k turnover
  • You must be a UK limited company or limited partnership
  • A director with a UK address is required

Once you’re approved, you can access the funding your café deserves in as little as just 24 hours!


Q: How do I determine the best type of loan for my cafe?
A: Assess your funding needs, repayment capacity, and whether you can offer collateral. Unsecured loans are faster to obtain but often have higher interest rates, while secured loans offer larger amounts and more attractive rates.

Q: Can I get a cafe business loan with a limited trading history?
A: Yes, certain lenders accommodate businesses with a short trading history. However, options may be more limited compared to more established businesses.

Q: Are there specific loans for purchasing an existing cafe?
A: Yes, both secured and unsecured loans can be utilised for purchasing an existing cafe. The choice depends on the amount required and your financial situation.

Find the right loan for your business

  • Loans from £1k to £500k
  • No fixed repayments
  • No collateral needed

Will You Qualify For A For Kredit Loan?

There are four main criteria for qualifying for a For Kredit loan.

If you can answer yes to all of these, then you have a good chance of being approved.

You’re a director with a UK address

You’ll also need the relevant documentation to prove this – a passport or a birth certificate are fine.

You’re a UK limited company or limited partnership

We only work with UK businesses.

You have a turnover of at least £10k

We can accept applications from all businesses (no matter the age or industry)

You have been trading for over 6 months

Your business must be at least 6 months old to be accepted.

A Simple Application Process

  • Apply online in 5 minutes

    Decide how much money you need to borrow and fill the online application with all your details.

  • Approval in just 24 hours

    Once your business loan has been authorized, you have the flexibility to transfer the required amount to your bank account. The funds will be deposited into your account within just a few hours.

  • Borrow up to 2 years

    How you pay back your business loan depends on your situation. If you want to pay it back early, there won't be an extra fee.

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