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How can I apply for a Business Loan in Scotland?

Businesses across Scotland can easily apply for a Business loan by applying online at For Kredit. The step-by-step online form is really easy to complete and there are no fees charged for making an application.

The application will require the applicant to provide some details. This is to ensure that the lender can make a fair and accurate assessment of the application in order to ensure responsible lending criteria are met. Details are listed below:

  • Loan amount: The application will ask for how your business is looking to borrow, this is up to £500,000.
  • Personal Details: The applications will ask the business owner to provide some basic personal details about themselves. 
  • Business details: The application will ask to provide some basic details about the business but also some documentation which is used to assess the application.

Should the application be successful, the lender will contact the applicant to discuss the details of the loan being offered. This is a time to answer any questions that you may have as well as to carefully read over the terms and conditions. There is no obligation for applicants to accept the loan offer if they have second thoughts. 

If the loan is accepted, once the offer is finalised and processed the funding will be transferred directly to the associated business account within 24 hours.

How much money can I get from a Business Loanfor a business based in Scotland?

Scottish businesses are entitled to apply for up to £500,000 in Business Loan funding at For Kredit. Business amounts are decided by the lender and are subject to status.

What makes Scotland such a popular place for businesses?

There are several reasons why Scotland has become a popular place for business. As of March 2020, Scotland had over 364,000 businesses operating within the country which helped to contribute to the country’s GDP of £205 billion. According to the Scottish Government, the two major sectors within Scotland’s private sector economy are Professional, Scientific & Technical and Construction.

Scotland’s two biggest cities, Glasgow and Edinburgh, have become hubs for enterprise and business in the last few decades. Both have helped contribute to the economy and have become a popular place for international corporations, but also amongst homegrown startup businesses looking to get their foot in the door.

The country itself provides a competitive business environment for affordable prices, with the cost of living and working in Scotland less expensive than other in business hubs. Furthermore, Scotland has created a welcoming business environment with financial and tax incentives, whether that’s help with funding or tax relief schemes. It also offers a highly skilled and determined workforce thanks to an excellent education system creating great workers.

Why are so many businesses drawn to Scotland?

Scotland has earned a strong reputation for being a country where businesses from across the world have decided to locate and trade. Below we have highlighted three of the key reasons why we think Scotland is a great place for businesses and why they’re drawn to the great country.

1) An interconnected country: The transport infrastructure within Scotland is one of the best in Europe. It allows businesses to sustainably travel and commute across the country especially thanks to £20 billion of investment into improving the infrastructure. Furthermore, it also allows businesses to travel across the rest of the UK, with links to England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Thanks to the country’s airports, it also provides a great place for international business, allowing it to connect to the rest of the world.

2) Great place for startups: Scotland has a great startup culture, especially within Glasgow and Edinburgh which has seen several successful tech startups grow and develop. The country itself provides lots of opportunities for networking and business development, whether that’s for businesses looking for funding for research or looking for investors. 50% of Scotland’s workforce also has a higher education qualification, making it a highly skilled and talented workforce to choose from.

3) Money goes further: One of the benefits of Scotland is that it prides itself as an affordable place to conduct business. The country is very cost-effective for businesses, especially regarding property, which is much less than other competitors such as London. There are also tax incentives within Scotland that allows businesses to save more money to reinvest to help improve and develop.

Scotland’s Economy and Entrepreneurial Spirit

Scotland, recognized for its World Heritage Sites and vibrant city life, has become an ideal place for entrepreneurs and startups. The Scottish economy boasts a history of producing globally recognized entrepreneurs. However, recent years have seen a decline in private-sector businesses, attributed to a decrease in unregistered businesses. Amidst Brexit uncertainties, the Royal Bank of Scotland reports a drop in business confidence and a decline in private sector activity.

The State of SMEs in Scotland

In 2018, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) comprised 99.3% of all private sector enterprises in Scotland, contributing significantly to employment and overall turnover. The predominance of SMEs is even more pronounced in rural areas compared to urban ones. Despite their critical role in the economy, SMEs in Scotland face unique challenges, including a slower growth rate compared to other regions in the UK.

Challenges and Opportunities for Scottish Businesses

Economic Growth and Business Development

The Scottish economy faces numerous challenges, including below-target economic growth. MSP Gordon Lindhurst emphasizes the need for more entrepreneurship and ambition within existing businesses to bolster productivity. A significant issue for Scottish SMEs is the reluctance to scale up, often termed as a ‘fear of heights’.

Government Initiatives and Support

The Scottish Government recognizes the economic potential of various regions and stresses the need for inclusive growth. Initiatives like the Scottish Enterprise Business Plan aim to attract more investment, foster innovation, and support international business growth. These efforts are crucial in the wake of Brexit and the ensuing political uncertainties.

Business Environment in Edinburgh and Glasgow

Edinburgh: A Hub for Startups and Tech Businesses

Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital, is renowned for its strong economy and high educational attainment among residents. The city has transitioned from traditional industries to being a center for financial services, scientific research, and tourism. It’s increasingly becoming a hub for tech startups, offering excellent transport links and a variety of office spaces.

Glasgow: Growth Beyond Manufacturing

Glasgow, known for its rich manufacturing history, now thrives in tertiary sector industries like financial services and life sciences. The city offers a conducive environment for green businesses and energy sector companies, thanks to its climate-friendly legislative framework and access to funding and academic expertise.

How to Access Business Loans in Scotland

Eligibility and Application for For Kredit

For Kredit offers easy access to finance for Scottish businesses through unsecured loans, small business loans, and startup business loans. Eligibility criteria include a minimum monthly turnover or card sales and at least six months of active trading. The application process involves a simple online form, followed by a matching with suitable lenders and agreement to the lender’s terms.

For Kredit: A Partner for Scottish Businesses

For Kredit stands out as a facilitator of quick and easy financing for Scottish businesses, offering unsecured funding to support growth and development. The company operates as a credit broker, introducing applicants to various business loan providers without charging fees.

Should I apply for a Business loan for my business in Scotland?

There are many reasons why a business owner might apply for a merchant cash advance. Below we’ve listed three reasons why we think that a business cash advance can be a useful funding option for businesses in Scotland.

1) Suited for different businesses: Part of the popularity of a Business loan is that it can be utilised by sizes and types of businesses. This can make it a great way for a business to receive short-term funding regardless of the industry it is in. The only fundamental element for a business to have is that they must make a regular amount of card sales to qualify for this funding – this can include card transactions via card terminal payments or online card payments. 

2) Can be used for many business needs: A business can decide how they utilise the merchant cash advance. This means that it can be useful for businesses that are looking to invest within the business itself, whether that be expansion marketing or renovating the business. Alternatively, a Business loan has a fast turn around meaning that it can be a useful funding solution during an emergency.

Cities we serve in Scotland

We can help businesses across Scotland apply for a merchant cash advance, but if you’re looking for an area in particular, click on one of the buttons below.

Find the right loan for your business

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Will You Qualify For A For Kredit Loan?

There are four main criteria for qualifying for a For Kredit loan.

If you can answer yes to all of these, then you have a good chance of being approved.

You’re a director with a UK address

You’ll also need the relevant documentation to prove this – a passport or a birth certificate are fine.

You’re a UK limited company or limited partnership

We only work with UK businesses.

You have a turnover of at least £10k

We can accept applications from all businesses (no matter the age or industry)

You have been trading for over 6 months

Your business must be at least 6 months old to be accepted.

A Simple Application Process

  • Apply online in 5 minutes

    Decide how much money you need to borrow and fill the online application with all your details.

  • Approval in just 24 hours

    Once your business loan has been authorized, you have the flexibility to transfer the required amount to your bank account. The funds will be deposited into your account within just a few hours.

  • Borrow up to 2 years

    How you pay back your business loan depends on your situation. If you want to pay it back early, there won't be an extra fee.

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